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Darcy received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in Somatic Education which addresses the mind-body connection. She has been a speaker and trainer for over twenty-five years in the areas of stress-relief, raising resiliency, creating positive changes, and the imperative nature of self-care in order to shift habitual baselines. Because of her experience, expertise and contagious enthusiasm, she has been sought after and respected in government agencies, universities, women’s groups, emergency operations units, healthcare systems, corporate settings, and wellness communities.

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"...rare speaker who can emotionally move an audience and leave a lasting impression..."

– Angela Deem, RN, Manager Occupational Health & Wellness, Sarasota County Government, Employee Health & Benefits, Sarasota, FL

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Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing?

By Dr. Darcy Lord - Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I love when I take a vacation week. I stop a lot of my “busyness” and I trade it for extra naps, walking, writing, dancing and meditating. Awesome! I remember a particular vacation when a cool thing happened; I felt like I found myself again. Interesting, since I had not even realized I was missing. Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever feel like you are going day by day making it through all the routines of work or home on auto-pilot, and all of a sudden you notice you are hardly even there? I think it happens even more for people who are not enjoying their usual routine. I enjoy most of my routines. I love the people I get to be home with and I love the people I get to work with. I love what I do for work and I love what I do for play—when I take the time to play. But even though I enjoy many of the routines of my daily life, doing those things on auto-pilot is so much different from doing them consciously, by choice. Auto-pilot mode sucks the life out of us.

I start going on auto-pilot when I feel tired and overdone. It’s my protective mode when I feel fried. And I feel more fried, tired and overdone when I rush around on auto-pilot. It’s one of those nasty downward spirals that adds to stress. While it’s true that a week off from work can help get me back, I don’t have to wait for vacations to remember to be present, and therefore to be more fulfilled and happy, both at home and at work. Neither do you! So here is a provocation to help bring relief and fullness back to your days when you may need it. Throughout the week ask yourself why you are doing whatever you are doing. If the first answer is “To get done,” or “Because I have to,” then ask again and again until you feel your heart move back into the answer.

Here is an example when I was writing one of my weekly “Blurbs.”

“Why am I doing this?”

“Because I write these on Tuesdays.”

“Why do I do that?”

“Because that’s the day I send it out to people.”

“Why are you doing that?”

“Because it is my highest intention and great hope that it will uplift or benefit someone in some way. And because I always feel happy and proud of myself when I complete one.”

Ah, yes—that is why. You can do the same thing with anything you are working on whether personal or professional simply by asking until once again you feel the real reason, the primary reason, the heartfelt reason why you are doing it all anyway.

“Why do I do these things that sometimes feel like ‘too much’?”

“Because I love being the best mom I can be.”

“Because I feel great when my house is clean and beautiful.”

“Because I am happy when there are wonderful groceries and healthy dinners to eat.”

“Because I really like doing my job well.”

“Because it feels awesome to have a strong body.”

“Because I love to feel my spiritual connection.”

“Because it rocks to get paid for doing my work.”

“Because I feel proud of providing for my family.”

“Because I love helping people.”

The list can go on and on. When you bring your heart back into why you actually do what you do—then simplicity, relief, fullness, love and well-being move into and through your day to day routines. That for me is worth the effort!




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Feeling Frisky

By Dr. Darcy Lord - Wednesday, August 09, 2017

When people talk about “stress reduction” what usually comes up first are things like breathing, meditation, yoga, relaxation or massage. I love those things! They can bring such a wonderful sense of peacefulness and nurturing as they move us away from the fast-paced, incessant “busyness” of continually having too much to do. But there is another really important part of true stress reduction and self-care. That's the part I want to focus on in this week’s provocation. Do you ever have times when it feels like the real problem isn’t just all the hurrying and rushing, but that it may also be the squishing, deadening, or sleepiness you feel from having lived for days, weeks, months or longer without feeling truly awake, inspired, frisky or alive? Without these...without the powerful childlike qualities of feeling excited about life, being playful and imaginative, feeling drawn to accomplish great things, and being passionate about new adventures, stress reduction processes will only be a shadow of what they could be. 


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How Food Feels

By Dr. Darcy Lord - Wednesday, August 02, 2017

There are so many foods we are supposed to stay away from, or at least limit, according to experts in the industry. Depending on which dietitian, nutritionist, physician, book, or PBS special you are currently in alignment with, here are some of the possible things to steer clear from: fats, red meat, all meat, carbs, anything not organic, anything not locally grown, all processed foods, MSG, hydrogenated oils, dairy, salty snacks, sugary snacks, alcohol, corn syrup, any grain that is not a whole grain, white anything (flour, rice, bread, sugar, pasta), preservatives and on and on. But I have an idea.