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Best Ways to Use Darcy at Your Event

Positive Keynote and Motivational Speaker Dr. Darcy Lord

Opening Keynote

Begin your event with an exciting, energetic speaker who not only has a contagious enthusiasm, but also who addresses participants with such crystal clear connection, optimism and participatory style that she immediately engages the entire audience, puts them at ease, and motivates them to feel better and to take personal responsibility for their own positive changes throughout the rest of the event and beyond.

Breakout Sessions

Attendees can expect to be talking, moving, laughing and learning as Dr. Lord engages them with her high levels of participation. Her combination of expert educational content, practical applications and ability to fully connect with the audience makes her a favorite at these programs.

Closing Keynote

Dr. Lord has two gifts which make her perfect as your closer: first is her consistently joyful and enthusiastic tone which can energize and reawaken a room even at the end of a long event; second is her unwavering knowing that positive changes are possible which leaves audiences with an uplifted sense of their own empowerment, responsibility and capability.

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