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This Moment

By Dr. Darcy Lord - Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What if this very moment were enough? What if it was already good enough to enjoy? What if you took the time, intention and choice to notice it fully and even enjoy it? What might happen in your life if you did that once today—or twice—or twenty or more times, until it became a habit? My habit up until this point has often been different from that. I have become aware that I am almost always focusing on getting somewhere else. So often throughout my day I am trying to finish something, only so that I am able to move on to the next thing, in order to complete it, to move on to something else, to finish it… and on and on. 


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Feeling Frisky

By Dr. Darcy Lord - Tuesday, March 12, 2019

When people talk about “stress reduction” what usually comes up first are things like breathing, meditation, yoga, relaxation, or massage. I love those things! They can bring such a wonderful sense of peacefulness and nurturing as they move us away from the fast-paced, incessant “busyness” of continually having too much to do. But there is another really important part of true stress reduction and self-care. That's the part I want to focus on in this week’s provocation. Do you ever have times when it feels like the real problem isn’t just all the hurrying and rushing, but that it may also be the squishing, deadening, or sleepiness you feel from having lived for days, weeks, months or longer without feeling truly awake, inspired, frisky or alive?  



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