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The Real News

By Dr. Darcy Lord - Tuesday, August 06, 2019
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I rarely watch the news. I particularly avoid it anywhere near bedtime. Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say that whatever is in our consciousness right before we go to bed “marinates” there all night long. When I think of a typical news broadcast it’s not what I want to marinate my thoughts, feelings and consciousness in all night long. I have found something interesting about the news, however. It’s “News” because it’s newsworthy, right?

I think of newsworthy as relating to things that are new, different, exciting, timely, need to know—i.e. not commonplace. This is a little weird, but follow me here: Because the situations and stories in the news are usually negative, and aren’t commonplace, it means that much of what is going on in the world which is commonplace is often positive and life affirming, or at worst mundane and neutral. That’s the real news. Here are a few examples:

For every person or group of people on the “News” committing hate crimes or acts of terror, how many other groups of people are living out their days with kindness and inner strength, with respect for diversity, being socially responsible, hoping for, or actively working toward peace, prosperity, compassion and respect for all people.

For every mom on the “News” who abandoned or killed her child, how many moms are on the planet right now who are loving, responsible, committed and truly want the best for their children, even if they are often exhausted and impatient?

For every politician or government entity on the “News” who cares more about money and power than all else, how many public servants at local, state and national levels are attempting to serve the public in the best way they can, with high degrees of integrity—even if we don’t always like their position?

For every gang member on the “News” that has turned to drugs and violence, how many young people go to school most days (even if they are bored with it), volunteer their time somewhere, act with courage when someone needs help, follow their parents rules (at least mostly), help out with finances or siblings, and truly want to make a positive difference?

For every man on the “News” who has raped or beaten a woman, how many men go through their days respectfully, responsibly, honorably and with an attempt to live up to personal commitments, financial obligations, others’ expectations and most of society’s rules?

For every organization on the “News” whose leaders care only about profit, even at the expense of others, how many professionals are actively attempting to run a legitimate business in such a manner as to create a win-win situation for everyone?

Here’s your provocation for the week, whether you watch the news or just hear about it from other people. Whatever is the negative, newsworthy situation, make a strong, active attempt to find 5-10 situations or people anywhere who are doing the opposite. I think you may be wonderfully surprised to see just how many people are living with integrity and honor, guided by higher principles and loving freely and openly.

What we look for expands. Until there are shows that air the “Real News” let’s all keep looking out for it anyway.

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