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What People Are Saying About Keynote Speaker Dr. Darcy Lord


"Excellent interpretation & presentation of the Harvard data, with wonderful connection to the audience. Exceptional presentation skills; liked lack of podium; engaging – good use of visuals & documents. Thank you!"

— Dr. Christopher Arendt, Senior Clinical Manager of Clinical Pharmacy at Mayo Clinic Rochester

"Darcy’s programs get noticed. This is the kind of difference we like to make in people’s lives – not only improve quality of life but probably save a great deal of time and expense with medical care."

— Larry Lewellen, Associate Vice President, Ohio State University, Office of Human Resources, Columbus, Ohio

"100% indicated you should be brought back in future years. Darcy, I could go on and on with the favorable comments we received with respect to your presentation but I think you get the gist - your program was absolutely outstanding and you deserve these accolades."

— Tom Neal, President, Florida Public Personnel Association, Inc. (FPPA), Marco Island, FL

"I just listened to your lecture about stress reduction and you are amazing. I am so appreciative of the information, research and techniques you bring. I am very much revived and am equipped to cope with the badly behaved individuals that come my way. I could go on and on but will simply tell you thank you. You made my heart happy!"

— Laura Toth, Firefighter, Grand Forks, ND

"Dr. Lord is very inspiring. I feel like I really can make a change. I love her energy and positivity!"

— Virginia Szatkowski, Training Coordinator, Lawton, OK

"Absolutely phenomenal speech. Motivating, positive energy. And engaged and compassionate about the topic."

— Derek Baker, Fire Medic Cadet, Stacy, MN

"And then there are a few of the rare speakers who can emotionally move an audience and leave a lasting impression. Dr. Lord’s presentations do just that; she engages the audience, leaving them wanting more. DarcyLord is a truly gifted speaker. She easily and effortlessly identifies with her audience and can get them to share her passion for the topic. She has changed many lives at Sarasota County Government with her speaking."

— Angela Deem, RN, Manager Occupational Health & Wellness, Sarasota County Government, Employee Health & Benefits, Sarasota, FL

"Please bring Darcy back soon."

"That we all had buy-in to her presentation says something."

"We have not been hopeful about relief for some time. Thank you!"

"Dr. Lord brought a combination of being expert in the field and having a warm, positive attitude. A rare gift."

Children’s Hospital NICU Nurses — from participant evaluations, Columbus, Ohio

"Your joy is contagious! Thank you!! Your presentation is inspiring and empowering!!!"

— Ernie Cruz, Police Compliance Officer, Miami, FL

"Dr. Lord provided several meaningful, impactful, and most of all easy, tips for succeeding in a high stress environment. I used Dr. Lord’s 4 count breathing technique before I left the building!"

—Tim Schneider, Chief of Police, Plainview, MN

"Very useful and practical information that can be applied anywhere! God bless you!"

— Merla B Molina, 911 Training Specialist, Fayetteville, NC

Best Keynote Speaker Dr. Darcy Lord

"Darcy led much needed relaxation sessions for the staff, and conducted workshops for the research participants on Self-Care and Self-Esteem. What we most enjoyed was her positive attitude and wonderful communication skills as we counted on her to be support and motivation for both staff and research study participants."

— Kim Toussant, Clinic Manager, Internal Medicine Supervisor, NIH funded Women’s Health Initiative, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

"Your Friday closing session was awesome! I found myself awake at 3am Saturday and used your 4-4-8 method and it worked! I had a hundred things going through my head and they just went away."

— David Wahl, Operations Supervisor, Volunteer EMT, Springfield, MN

"Feels good to know small steps can make a large difference in my life. It was amazing how the calm fell all over my mind and body just with the deep breathing!"

— Marcia Pendleton, Lead Communication Specialist, Eugene, OR

"Excellent speaker and motivator. Course is life changing. Just keep offering this program and others with Dr. Darcy Lord."

"This was exactly what I had hoped it would be – life transforming!"

"Darcy is the Best. She makes a difference and is outstanding in connecting with everyone. Invaluable!"

"Dr. Lord is a life changing positive force!"

"Very empowering and refreshing!"

"This has been an amazing program. I recommend it to anyone trying to make positive changes in their lives."

— Laura Trubac, Program Manager, Sarasota County Adult and Community Education Center – from participant evaluations, Sarasota, FL

"Excellent; very intrigued about flow state and focusing on achieving this more regularly."

— Michael Wiczek, EMR, FD, Engineer, La Crescent, MN

"Thank you again for your relaxing and very impactful presentation on Tuesday! We talked about it all the way back to Palm Bay and are trying to find ways to incorporate some of what we learned from you into our programs! You did make an impact!"

— Laura Clawson, Human Resource Analyst, City of Palm Bay, Florida

"I’m already feeling more relaxed. Thanks for the tools and challenge!!"

— Colette Thibodeau, 911 Dispatcher, Palmer, Alaska

"Dr. Lord’s workshops and speaking programs were always popular not only because the contents were of great interest to the health and wellness of the university community, but also because Darcy became a sought after speaker. Participants would attempt to gain more than one opportunity to work with her. The consistently positive feedback Darcy received often marked her warm and open rapport, and her competence in the field. Of particular note is Dr. Lord’s commitment to facilitating awareness and a greater sense of well-being, highlighting the importance of personal responsibility and self-care as necessary for overall wellness."

— Marianne Robinson, Wellness Program Manager, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

"You have a way of connecting with everyone in the room, regardless of title or position. You kept us laughing and learning – thank you!"

I want to let you know how very valuable this presentation was (and still is) for me. Darcy Lord is very wise and expert in her field. The value for me was the incredible stress management!!"

Along with specific ways to lower stress, Darcy included important research findings in her presentation. She had us completely interested the whole time! "

— Marianne Robinson, Program Manager – from participant evaluations, Columbus, OH

Successful Keynote Speaker Dr. Darcy Lord

"She is captivating and I am going to do this and succeed at it. Thanks for being here and teaching me this great 30-Day Challenge! Awesome and energetic!"

— Carla Milne, Dispatch Supervisor, Golden, Colorado

"Dr. Darcy’s class was fun and entertaining and made me smile!"

— Sherry Butler, Dyersburg, TN

"I love your enthusiasm and your presentation. This was the best class I have taken while I’ve been at this conference. Thank you for taking time to inspire us to be great! I’m excited to e-mail you in 30 days with my success!"

— Danielle Barill, Dispatcher, Lawton, OK

"This was one of the best, if not the best, presentations I have been to. I would like to see Darcy again in the future. The list of 5 keys is awesome."

— Richard Ackland, Electrical Engineer, Albert Lea, MN

"I really liked how you specifically went through each step of the process, had us complete that step, then put it all together at the end. Great interaction with the class."

— Jennifer Osborn, Supervisor & QA Specialist, Fayetteville, NC

"Great presentation. It left me feeling empowered and more relaxed. I am looking forward to trying what I learned."

— Craig Schietecatte, Fire Inspector, Orlando, FL

"The presentation gave me a feeling of hope, and as a bonus I left feeling relaxed."

— Cheryl Stubbe, 911 Shift Supervisor, Fargo, ND

"Very enthusiastic speaker!"

— Interactive session Kelly White, Certified Training Officer, Hailey, ID

Positive Keynote Speaker Dr. Darcy Lord

"You were very helpful in showing me a different way of reducing stress and finding a way of making a change."

— Kimberly Hooker, Sarasota, FL

"Good presentation. As public safety for 13 years it is easy to get lost and forget who we are and what we need to do for ourselves."

— Mike Petrilla, Capt. ECC, Manatee County Dept. Public Safety, Bradenton, FL 34207

"Fun presenter. Made speaking out loud not so scary. Thanks for the positive feelings I left with."

— Vicki, Arent, Eyota, MN

"I’m skeptical but looking forward to trying this and proving my 'committee' wrong."

— Karin Mracek, Communications Manager, Carson City, NV

"This was such a great reminder of the Law of Attraction. Thank you for your passion and reminding me I can have what I want and deserve it!"

— Rebecca Shupe, CTO, Hailey, ID

"You are truly amazing. You made me feel that it is ok to do things for myself and feel good about me. Instead of always putting everyone else first."

— Joyce Graves, Medical Record – EMR, Mabel, MN

"Great info. We lead stressful lives and a change in thoughts helps so much!"


— Ashley Schmeling, Blooming Prairie, MN


"Love your energy! Taking us through the process is fantastic! I’m very excited to try this process!"

— Frances Rossiter, Dispatcher, Santa Rosa, CA

"You’re happy and positive in your presentation. It really made me think about being happy and I don’t know if I ever have been truly happy."

— Priscilla Mallory, Communications Manager, Orlando, FL

Good Keynote Speaker Dr. Darcy Lord

"YES, I am with you! I want whatever you’re taking! You seem to be so happy and stress free."

— Jennifer Henderson, Dispatcher III, Brandenton, FL

"Your energy and asking and inviting us to play was awesome. I really needed this technique. Timing is everything. I had been trying to get this started and did not know how. Thank you!"

— Barb Williams, CTO Dispatcher, Hailey, ID

"Wonderful energy in your presentation! It was easy to understand and the steps (instructions) are easy to implement."

— Sheilagh O’Callaghan, EMDG (Goddess), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Very positive and engaging. Made sure we were following along and understanding everything before moving along."

— Lynn Walker, Dispatcher, Sacramento, CA

"Feeling inspired, thank you!! Another tool to work towards improving myself."

— Sharon Koch, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Even if I never use any of it again I felt better physically and emotionally than I have in a long time and that matters. I like specific techniques that can help reduce stress and allow me to be a better person, and Dr. Lord gave me that."

— Rebecca Simpson, Communications Supervisor, Blaine County, ID

"Energetic and motivating in self-help process. She showed concern on individual’s improvement. Thank you."

— Brenda Jojola, Public Safety Dispatcher, Ontario, Canada

Motivational Keynote Speaker Dr. Darcy Lord

"Very energetic - you actually leave the presentation believing you CAN do this!"

— Shirley M.

"Dr. Lord was SO passionate about the topic! It was impossible to not leave feeling better because she was so positive and convincing!"

— Sarah Mendonza, Dispatcher, Fort Collins, CO

"You are very enthusiastic and positive."

— Tina Mojzer, Dispatcher, EMD-Q, Vail, CO

"Dr. Lord’s presentation is very eye opening. The way she presents the information makes sense and has motivated me to do the 'It'!"

— Deanna Storrs, 911 Telecommunicator, Pomeroy, Washington

"Interactive and very engaging!"

— Rebecca Duryea, Dispatcher, Washington, NJ

"Very interesting. Nice to walk away with specific tools to get to a greater version of myself. "

— Sandy Morris, Administrator, Des Moines, IA

"Good energy. It was an easy, practical process to implement personal change right away."

— No name please

Attention-grabbing Keynote Speaker Dr. Darcy Lord

"The one hour session gave me a new outlook on ways to achieve my personal goal no matter if they are big or small. Thank you!"

— Erin Allwardt, 911 Dispatcher, Battle Creek, Michigan

"Amazing energy! Goes well with new NENA standard for Dispatcher/Telecommunicator stress! This should make for some great training opportunities if this interests you!"

— Kelley Davidson, Communications Manager, Grove City, OH

"I had doubts coming in but I’m so relaxed and hopeful now. Stay awesome!"

— Jaime Marple, 911 Shift Supervisor, Lawton, OK 73505

"Your tips have made an immediate difference. I used them last night and shared them with my husband."

— Lynn Rothmeier, Albert Lea, MN

"Eye opening; helpful. Already made me feel happier, without practicing the five steps yet."

— Marie Kasparova, Winona, MN

"Very energetic and positive; love seeing the honesty and love in others as they shared; uplifting and motivating"

— Diana Horan, Pharmacy Technician, Hollandale, MN

"Like how you get the people involved. Really like how you make people realize it’s ok to make yourself happy first."

— Desi Sense, EMT, Lewiston, MN

"Love it! Brightened me from the inside out. Made me teary. HUGE self-esteem boost!"

— Donna Roberts, LPN, EMT, Clara City, MN

"I was grateful for the different presentations Dr. Darcy Lord presented. Each presentation made me happier and more relaxed. I walked away with a smile on my face."

— Tyler Place, AEMT, Menomonie, WI

"I love your energy!"

—Leif Erickson, Deputy  , Chatfield, MN

"Thank you for being so positive and energetic. It made the message easy to relate to and understand."

— Ashley Schmeling, Blooming Prairie, MN

"Amazing speaker! Truly helpful."

— Holly Shones, EMT, MBA, Plainview, MN

"Very inspirational and very caring to help people. Has very great insight."

— Courtney Grove, First Responder, Emmons, MN

"I enjoyed your enthusiasm and belief in our profession. Never quit on those characteristics that work!"

— LaVonne March, 911 Dispatcher, Homer, Michigan