About Dr. Darcy Lord

Keynote Speaker Dr Darcy Lord

Dr. Darcy Lord received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in Somatic Education which addresses the mind-body-spirit connection. She has been a speaker, trainer, and consultant for over twenty-five years, guiding groups and individuals toward their own empowerment and well-being.

"...most enjoyed was her positive attitude and wonderful communication skills."

– Kim Toussant, Clinic Manager, Internal Medicine Supervisor, NIH funded Women’s Health Initiative, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Program topics have included:

I’d Be Fine if It Wasn’t for You: What to Do When People Don’t Behave!

5 Proven Strategies to Reduce Stress & Increase Happiness Now


Curing the Unfortunate Art of Over-Care


30 Days to a Grander Version of Yourself


What Happiness Does to Your Brain & Why You Should Care


The Importance of Self-Care: Why & How?


The Surprising Power of Self-Compassion


Meditation: The Intelligent Choice for Balance & Well-Being

As a former dancer/choreographer her enthusiasm is contagious, as is her understanding that positive changes are not only possible but probable once a clear intention is made. Because of this and because of her competence and connection with audiences, Dr. Lord has been sought after and respected in corporate arenas such as government agencies, hospitals, businesses and universities, as well as in personal growth venues such as integrative wellness centers, spiritual communities and healing arts facilities.

In addition to working as a speaker and trainer for many groups, Dr. Lord taught at The Ohio State University, winning a prestigious award for teaching excellence; she worked as a counselor focusing on women’s issues and the importance of self-love; she developed curriculum and was primary researcher for The Ohio State University’s Complementary Health Initiative Pilot Project; she was the Director of an Integrative Healing Arts Center; and she is currently the Stress-Reduction Educator for Sarasota County Government – a 2,800+ employee agency in southwest Florida.

Along with speaking and writing about stress-reduction, happiness, practical spirituality, and personal empowerment, some of Darcy’s favorite things are spending time with her wonderful family and friends; meditating and playing in her own personal/spiritual growth; working out; dancing; and basking in the Gulf of Mexico!

Dr. Lord’s vision is to experience her own joy and divine alignment enough to help uplift the consciousness of the planet as a best-selling author and speaker continually calling people back to their own highest good.