Keynotes and Program Topics

I’d Be Fine if it Wasn’t For You! What to Do When People Don’t Behave

Does it ever feel like life would be easier if people would...behave? What happens to you – and your physiology – when they don’t? What can you do to ensure your own well-being in the midst of their negative choices? In this light-hearted but practical program learn some intelligent tools and techniques to help find relief when others don't behave.

The Surprising Power of Self-Compassion

A new paradigm is emerging, stemming from the cutting-edge science of Self-Compassion, which indicates that it’s possible to motivate ourselves with kindness rather than criticism; move through difficult emotions with greater ease and resiliency; and live more effectively and happily without the high levels of stress and burn-out so prevalent today. Participants will be introduced to the exciting research-based benefits of Self-Compassion and will be given Self-Compassion techniques to utilize in daily life.

Curing the Unfortunate Art of Over-Care

Sometimes caring for others leaves us feeling filled up, energized and strong. Sometimes, however, it can lead to feeling depleted, exhausted, frustrated or even resentful. It is at these times that care has crossed into Over-Care. In this important program participants will learn about Over-Care and discover important concepts and techniques to guard against it. Use the techniques and become balanced, refocused and re-energized.

30 Days to a Grander Version of Yourself: The 30 Day Challenge

What if in 30 days you could be living a greater version of yourself? What if you took the effort to remember that your life matters and that you deserve to be happy and fulfilled? What would your life look like if that was true? This energizing program presents a simple 5-step process called “The 30-Day Challenge” that you can put into practice easily, effectively and immediately!

5 Proven Strategies to Reduce Stress & Increase Happiness Now!

In this program, based on a Harvard Medical School Special Report, audience members will learn specific techniques to increase well-being and create lasting stress-relief. As participants practice the tools taught in this program they will quickly increase their resiliency, life satisfaction and happiness. Techniques can be used immediately at work or home.

What Happiness Does to Your Brain & Why You Should Care

Did you know research shows that when the brain is primed to be positive, we test higher on all 15 different types of intelligence? And that recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology have shown that happiness actually fuels success? According to Harvard, “This discovery has been repeatedly borne out by rigorous research in psychology, neuroscience, management studies, and the bottom lines of organizations around the globe." Learn some of the surprising research that is changing the way we view positive emotions, and leave with practical principles to increase happiness and maximize potential.

Secrets of Self-Care: Why & How?

Why is it so much easier to take better care of others than ourselves? A study by the American Psychological Association (APA) concluded that the majority of Americans are living with moderate to high levels of stress daily, and “while we are aware of the problem we are stymied about how to change it.” Clearly there is a need to learn how to put realistic self-care into practice. This program gives you the permission and 6 pragmatic tools to help you get started!

"Dr. Lord was SO passionate about the topic! It was impossible to not leave feeling better because she was so positive and convincing!"

— Craig Schietecatte, Fire Inspector, Orlando, FL