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​DIY 30-Day Life Coaching Program

Can you answer “yes” to any of the following questions?  


Do you ever notice that things are basically “fine,” but you know you aren’t living with as much aliveness or inspiration or happiness or satisfaction as you could be?  


Do you ever feel like you’re in the movie “Groundhog Day” where your life just keeps being the same thing over and over again?


Do you have spaces of time (days, weeks, even months perhaps) where you feel so tired… mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually?


Even though you know what really matters to you… do you notice that you don’t focus on those things very often because you feel overdone too much of the time?


Does it sometimes seem like everything you’re supposed to get done each day is just too much?


Do you feel yourself wanting relief and/or more happiness and well-being?  


Are you feeling an inner urging to start taking good care of yourself (to the same extent that you’ve taken good care of others)?

If you can relate to any of those, then the DIY Life Coaching Program might be for you. 

My Process

The DIY Life Coaching Program Program will help you specify one goal to work on, and then it will walk you through 30 days of a simple 5-Step Process which will move you closer to your goal. That’s really it. You will need to show up for yourself for about 15-20 minutes every day for 30 days. Often it seems easier to show up for someone else, but you are also worth that time and energy - and when you take that time you will watch as positive changes begin to happen.


You don’t have to have a special program to do that, of course. We could all just start to make intentional, positive changes for ourselves… But sometimes we don’t take the time or effort needed to do that.  That is where this DIY Life Coaching Program Program can come in and be a powerful ally for you. 

Briefly, here is what the program entails: there is a beautiful meditation to help you choose a specific goal to work on, because oddly enough sometimes that’s hard for us to come up with. And then, here is what you will find within the 5 steps: 


First, there is a simple technique to help you shift your physiology back to balance. This is important because when we are stressed – or when we are just feeling hurried, over-tired, or overdone – our nervous systems get out of balance pretty quickly. Science tells us that when we have a chaotic or incoherent nervous system pattern it makes it much harder for us to find solutions, see a bigger picture, shift to a higher perspective, or find the motivation to work on changes.


After balancing the nervous system, the second is to help shift the emotions and the hormonal system. There is way to do this that allows us to access our higher levels of intelligence. When we get to that state of higher vibration, then the third step is to help the brain create a new baseline – or default setting – of seeing you with the thing you want to experience (instead of without it).


And finally, the last 2 steps guide you through using those higher intelligence frequencies to decide the next action steps needed for getting you closer to your goal. 


The 5-Step Process is simple, it’s intelligent, and it’s powerful to help you create the positive changes you want. You deserve to treat yourself with the same intentionality, self-care, and love that we so often give out to others.


The essence of the DIY Life Coaching Program is that it helps you specify one thing to work on, and then it walks you through 30 days of making intentional progress toward your goal. You will not only have the 5-Step Process to follow, but also an Action Log to track your progress; both of those things together make it much easier to move consistently toward your goal.


That is why I called this the DIY Life Coaching Program – because that is why we hire Life Coaches: they help us focus enough to decide what we really want to work on; they help give us direction about the very next steps to take; and they help keep us accountable because they expect us to follow through with actions and track the steps we take. 


I highly recommend mentors and coaches, by the way. I use them and I think we would all do well with a good one. But until you have one – this DIY Life Coaching Program will make your journey more direct, more specific, and more intentional… and therefore, much easier. And… you will have fun doing it because it feels awesome when you start to see things shift! 


Here is what you already know. If you work consistently toward something – even with small steps – you get there. Said another way, if we move consistently toward something… we can’t not get there! So  instead of the status quo of having another month or year of days going by where everything is “fine” (but lacks joy or aliveness or enthusiasm or growth), decide to do something different. The DIY Life Coaching Program can guide you through 30 successful days of moving intentionally toward something that matters to you. 


When was the last time you were intentional about doing something for yourself? Do you remember how empowering that is? It feels wonderful! Being happy with ourselves and with what we are creating around us is a really beautiful feeling. If you want to try something that will help you create that experience, click the button below to get started.

Here is what you’ll get with the program!


Let's start with this full written Program Description which not only explains the whole DIY Life Coaching Program process in detail, but also gives an intelligent explanation about how this process works. It explains why we do each of the 5 Steps… so that our bright, linear, skeptical brains will have more buy-in. We need our brains to "buy-in" as we begin to make changes, because in order to reach our goals we'll have to shift our brain's baselines or default patterns. 


Next, here is an audio recording of that same Program Description. You can listen to it here, or  you can download it to your phone or other device. It's good to re-listen to it, or re-read it from time to time because it will give you fresh inspiration each time you hear the words.


Along with those things you will receive a beautiful audio called the “Meditation for Choosing Your Goal.” This is perfect to use if you are not completely sure what specific goal to work on. It is also good to use in order to get inner confirmation about what you already think you want to work on. 


The Program also comes with a written version of the “Meditation for Choosing Your Goal” so that you can read it and work with it at your own pace.


The DIY Life Coaching Program also includes a written version of the 5-Step Process in Action which gives specific directions about how to follow the 5-Steps for 30 days.


You will also get an audio of the 5-Step Process in Action which is a recording that walks you through the 5 Steps. You can put it on your phone or other device and follow along with it every day like a guided meditation for your 30 days


There is a 30-Day Action Log to easily track your daily use of the 5-Steps. You'll also use the Action Logs to track the positive changes that you will begin to notice. Research shows that when we physically write down or track changes we are much more likely to complete things successfully! 

So…if you are ready to move toward a positive change, and if the DIY Life Coaching Program seems right for you, then please click the button below and try it. 

Full 1-Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

We offer a full 1-year unconditional money back guarantee – so if you purchase the program and you’re not completely satisfied with it for any reason, you can simply email me stating that you would like a refund and your money will be refunded.

I am also so confident that IF you follow the 5-Step Process for 30 days that you will see significant, positive changes toward your goal… that I want to challenge you with this second guarantee:


If you complete the entire 30 days – including filling out your Action Log – and if you aren’t completely over-the-moon happy with your progress toward your goal, then email me your completed Action Log (so that we can see that you completed it) and a snail mail address – and we will send you a check for twice your purchase price.  


That is a double-your-money-back guarantee if you complete the program and are not happy with your progress. So there is really nothing for you to lose. But there is much for you to gain! 

Why would I offer that? I want good things to happen for all of us. I want us to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. And I am so confident that good things will happen for you if you work the 5 steps for 30 days that this double-your-money-back guarantee seemed like the perfect way for me to talk you into moving forward for 30 days toward a goal that matters to you. I’m a little rebellious and I can be skeptical, but I’m also pragmatic. You may be those things too; I hope you are. Because if someone offered this to me there would be a higher chance that I would follow through with the 30 days because I’d want to see if they were full of bologna or not. That’s what I want you to do too – try it and see what happens for you!

How much does the DIY Life Coaching Program cost?

My hourly rate when I was Coaching was $250 per hour. Sessions were often 90 minutes in length, and I only took clients willing to invest $5000 in their Coaching packages.

If you use all of the resources included in the DIY Life Coaching Program (reading/listening to the initial Program Description (28 minutes); reading/listening to the Meditation for Choosing Your Goal (13 minutes); reading/listening to the 5-Step Process in Action (20 minutes); following the 5-Step Process for 30 days (15-20 minutes x 30 days); filling out the Action Log for 30 days (5 minutes x 30 days); taking a small action step most days a week during the 30 days (5-45 minutes x 25-30 days) then you will invest approximately 18-20 hours working with these Virtual Life Coach processes toward your goal. 


To work 18-20 x $250/hour with a Life Coach could be an investment of $4,500 - $5,000.  But I want everyone to be able to invest in this program if they could benefit from it, if they are drawn to the information contained in the program, and if they feel it’s the right time for them to do it. 


Because of my desire for many people to use and benefit from the DIY Life Coaching Program, the investment is only $397

And because some people are struggling with different aspects of the pandemic, there is currently a 50% discount on the program so the investment for this easy-to-follow program that helps you specify a goal and move successfully toward it is only $197.

And while I want you to purchase the program if it is right for you, if the DIY Life Coaching Program doesn’t feel like the right program for you – that’s okay too – but don’t give up! I know that we all benefit when even one of us moves closer to our own Highest Good. You read this far down so there is a good chance you want to make positive changes. Whether with or without the help of Virtual Life Coach, keep moving toward those changes you have been wanting. You can do it!

Click below if you want to get started with your DIY Life Coaching Program Program for only $197. Either way, good luck on your beautiful path and thank you so much for reading! You deserve to be happy. Keep remembering that! 

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