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​DIY 30-Day Life Coaching Program

If I could make it EXTREMELY EASY for you to move toward a meaningful goal would you be interested?

Give me 20 minutes a day for 30 days and I’ll have you moving successfully toward WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!

This program might be for you if…

  • Your to-do list never ends

  • You know what the important things are, but there’s not enough time and energy to do them

  • You’re tired and overdone because your own self-care is last on the priority list

  • You’re hard on yourself – but you let others off the hook when they mess up

  • You want more for your life, but you’re not sure how to start

  • Even when you’re overwhelmed and drained, your heart wins out much of the time… especially for others

  • You know it’s time to start taking care of yourself too

I believe that if any of those are true for you, then that’s why this program made its way to you! The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Life Coaching Program is an intelligent, pragmatic process that’s easy to do.

What is it?

The DIY Life Coaching Program is a 30-Day Program that helps you specify a goal and move successfully toward it by using a powerful and easy-to-follow 5-Step Process.


The program guides you through 30 days of small, easy steps. As you move through the steps each day, you’ll feel energy and enthusiasm move back into you! The DIY Life Coaching Program is a simple way to move toward your goal, take good care of yourself, and have fun while doing it!

How does it work?

With my coaching clients, I witnessed that anyone who really wanted to change could do it IF they were able to define a goal, had easy-to-follow steps, an accountability system, and a way to motivate themselves until they saw changes happening. The DIY Life Coaching Program brings all of these things together for you!


The DIY Life Coaching Program helps you specify a goal and then walks you through 30 days of a unique and powerful 5-Step Process that moves you closer to your goal. That’s really it!

What will I get with the Program?

  • A downloadable audio recording of the comprehensive DIY Life Coaching Program Description with explanations of how and why the 5-Step Process works! It includes easy-to-follow directions so you can immediately begin this self-coaching process

  • A downloadable pdf version of the same Program Description

  • A  beautiful guided “Meditation for Choosing My Goal,” both written (pdf) and audio, calling on your own Divine connection and your spiritual guides and teachers to help you choose your goal for this Do-It-Yourself coaching program

  • A downloadable audio of the DIY Life Coaching Program 5-Step Process in Action (a concise version of the 5-Step Process) to listen to daily as your own personal life coach to walk you through the 30 days

  • The 5-Step Process in Action pdf so you can read it and know exactly what to do on your own

  • A printable DIY Life Coaching Program 30-Day Action Log pdf that will increase your motivation and accountability during your 30-day process

  • Complete peace of mind as you put the program into practice with two money-back guarantees (see below for the great news about your two money-back guarantees!)

What makes this program different?

It’s the first Do-It-Yourself (DIY) coaching program that specifically uses a process to re-train the brain. If you’ve ever tried to make a change but then had obstacles show up that stopped you, or lost weight but then gained it all back, or drawn in more money and then watched as it slipped away – there’s a primary reason for that: If the brain doesn’t recognize an experience as “normal” or “familiar” it actually works to get rid of it – by bringing back your “normal” – i.e. you without your goal! The cutting-edge technology of the DIY Life Coaching Program 5-Step Process helps re-set the brain’s default setting toward you WITH your desired goal – so it can finally be a permanent change!

What can the DIY Life Coaching Program do for me?

  • It will help you pick a meaningful goal (which is often hard to do!)

  • It will motivate you to take small positive action steps toward your goal

  • It’s especially effective with things you’ve tried before and haven’t succeeded with

  • It’s a 30-Day Program: short enough so you won’t need to be patient for long; long enough to help you create a habit of powerful self-care (that’s huge!)

  • It’s a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) program so you can get started right away

  • The Program will keep you focused and motivated, and you’ll also have fun while moving through the process

  • The Program audios will “hold your hand” and walk you through the unique 5-Step Process each day

  • The Action Log will help you keep track of your progress, and more importantly – will help keep you accountable!

  • The 5-Step Process will help to create a new brain baseline (or default setting) of you having reached your desired goal (the power in that is truly extraordinary!)

  • It will get you unstuck, helping you break out of “Groundhog Day” mode (Remember the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ where Bill Murray kept living the same thing over and over again?)

  • Ultimately, the DIY Life Coaching Program helps YOU GET THE RESULTS YOU REALLY WANT!

Surprising Extra Benefits:

As you follow the 5-Step Process for 30 days you’ll watch yourself move happily toward your goal – and that’s a beautiful thing! However, there are other benefits that you’ll also enjoy. Some include:

  • The 5-Step Process shifts your nervous system and brain chemistry to the stress-reducing “rest, digest and heal” mode (truly needed for most of us!).

  • The DIY Life Coaching Program helps you practice feeling good NOW – even before your goal is reached (which is an important part of how you shift your brain baseline) – so as you move toward your goal, you’ll feel better even before it’s accomplished.

  • Following the 5-Step Process each day helps you access your intuition and higher levels of intelligence (which is because when we slow down the stress response and activate positive emotions, we chemically turn on the learning centers in the brain! Very cool).

  • You’ll actually begin to sleep better as you practice the easy Program Steps! This happens because of the cutting-edge technology of the 5-Step Process which again, balances the nervous system and shifts the hormonal and brain chemistry back into the “rest, digest, and heal” mode.

  • You’ll feel proud of yourself and satisfied with your choices as you move through the Program.

  • You’ll reduce energy-draining self-criticism as you follow the easy 5-Step Process each day.

  • You’ll become reacquainted with your own inner guidance and the important (and wonderful) practice of self-care.

  • You’ll feel energized and inspired as you watch positive changes show up for you.

What’s the catch?

Here’s the catch: You’ll need to show up for yourself for 15-20 minutes every day for 30 days and follow the 5-Step Process (listening to the audio and following along each day, or reading the simple directions and taking yourself through the Steps on your own). But as you take that small effort, beautiful shifts will start to happen for you. It’s worth it!


I know it’s easier to show up for everyone else…but you’re worth the time and energy to show up for yourself too! This program gives you a step-by-step process to do just that.

What are people saying about the DIY Life Coaching Program?

"I wanted to make some changes, but with work and family it was hard to find time. The DIY Life Coaching Program said it would only take 20 minutes a day so I gave it a try. Not only did I immediately feel more relaxed and focused, but I’m also moving toward my goal of increasing my time off!"


– Margaux Surette, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) 


"I like to bask in self-care and the DIY Life Coaching Program seemed a good thing to put into practice. This program has increased my well-being, reminded me I can have any experience I want if I move with intention and small steps toward it, and motivated me to choose my next goal! I especially loved having the audio of the 5-Step Process to listen to each day."

– Polly Pitchford, National Motivational Speaker


"This will help you get results. You’ll also feel better and reduce your stress while doing it. The DIY Program was easy to use; I just followed the audios."

– Chris Murphy, Target Case Manager


"When I began the DIY Life Coaching Program I felt my enthusiasm and motivation return. I found the Action Log to be particularly helpful for keeping me accountable. I’m enjoying feeling happier about myself and more in control of my choices again."

– Lisa Singeisen, Business Owner

Although life changing, this might NOT be for you if…

  • If you’re attached to thinking that all change is hard, and that it can only happen through force and overworking… then this program will likely not satisfy you.

  • If you believe beating yourself up is the way to go about making positive changes…then again, this program will likely disappoint you.

  • But… if you’re ready to create changes that make you happy and proud of yourself, AND do it in a way that serves you well and uplifts you while doing it, then this program is definitely for you!

There are powerful benefits from using this program, but ONLY purchase this Program if the following are true for you:

  • You feel drawn to know this life-changing process that will positively transform your life

  • You know it’s time for you to make a positive change and you’re willing to invest 15-20 minutes a day for yourself

  • Trying this program causes you no financial hardship

What is the investment for the DIY Life Coaching Program?

My hourly rate when Coaching was $250 per hour. Sessions were often 90 minutes in length, and I only took clients willing to invest $5,000 in their Coaching packages.

If you use all of the resources included in the Virtual Life Coach 30-Day Program –  (reading/listening to the Program Description (28 minute audio); reading/listening to the Meditation for Choosing Your Goal (13 minute audio); reading/listening to the 5-Step Process in Action (20 minute audio); following the 5-Step Process for 30 days (20 minutes x 30 days); filling out the Action Log for 30 days (5 minutes x 30 days); taking a small action step most days a week during the 30 days (5-45 minutes x 25-30 days) – then you will invest approximately 18-20 hours working with these Life Coaching processes toward your goal.


To work 18-20 hours at $250/hour with a Life Coach could be an investment of $4,500 - $5,000.  But I want everyone to be able to try this program if they are drawn to the information, and if they feel it’s the right time for them to do it.


Therefore, the investment for the DIY Life Coaching Program is only $397.


And right now there is a 50% discount on the program so the investment for this easy-to-follow program that helps you specify a goal and move successfully toward it is only $197.


Don’t wait!

You’re allowed to feel better. You’re allowed to take good care of yourself and move toward a meaningful goal! AND you’re allowed to feel happier and less stressed while you’re doing it… and you can! With as little as 20 minutes a day for 30 days you’ll see things shift. You’ll also feel more energy, relief, motivation, and happiness. And with two Money Back Guarantees you have nothing to lose!
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Full 1-Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If you try the DIY Life Coaching Program and you’re not completely satisfied with its value for any reason, simply email us at for up to 1 full year from your date of purchase to get a complete and prompt refund, no questions asked.

But there’s more than that…


I am so confident that IF you follow the 5-Step Process for 30 days that you will see significant, positive changes toward your goal, that I want to challenge you with this second guarantee:

Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee

If you complete the entire 30 days – including filling out your Action Log – and if you aren’t completely over-the-moon happy with your progress toward your goal and how you’re feeling about yourself as a result, then email me your completed Action Log (so that we know you completed it) – and we will send you a check for twice your purchase price!  


That is a double-your-money-back guarantee if you complete the program and are not happy with your progress. So there is really nothing for you to lose!


Why would I offer that?

(My significant other thinks I’m crazy for offering it and he asked the same thing.)


Here’s why: I want good things to happen for all of us. I want us all to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. And I know my program can help people do that. I’m so confident that good things will happen for you IF you work the 5-Steps for 30 days that this double-your-money-back guarantee seemed like the perfect way for me to challenge you to move forward for 30 days toward a goal that matters to you!


I’m a little rebellious and I can be skeptical, but I’m also pragmatic. You may be those things too. I hope you are… because if someone offered this to me there would be a high chance that I would follow through with the 30 days because I’d want to see if they were full of bologna or not! That’s what I want you to do too – try it and see what happens for you!


Psst…and here’s another reason for the Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee


This guarantee is actually selfish on my part because I know good things will happen for people as they follow the 5-Step Process for 30 days. And when those good things happen, I want to hear stories about the positive things people have noticed as they successfully completed the program! What better way for me to entice you into becoming a successful graduate, and what better way for me to help you feel motivated and accountable than with this guarantee?!


Order by Jan 31, 2021 for 2 special bonus gifts!

If you order by Jan 31st you will receive two very special bonus gifts absolutely free:

  1. First, you’ll receive an “Improving Quality of Sleep” relaxation audio which is a perfect gift to listen to before you go to bed each night.

  2. Second, I’ll send you an autographed copy of my own book called 52 Weeks of Relief: Uplifting Provocations for Stress Reduction & Self-Care (254 pages, Relief Room Publishing, 2019, available through Amazon or IngramSpark Publishing).

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If you have made the January 31st cut-off make sure to send us your snail mail address (by emailing so we know where to mail your autographed 52 Weeks of Relief book!

To summarize:

  1. It’s time for your own self-care

  2. Choose a goal (by following the audio Meditation)

  3. Take 20 minutes a day for 30 days

  4. Follow the 5-Step Process in Action each day (using the easy-to-follow audio or on your own)

  5. Record your steps in the 30-Day Action Log

  6. Experience the joy and inspiration that come from moving intentionally and successfully toward a meaningful goal!


And whether or not the DIY Life Coaching Program is for you, take wonderful care of yourself… because you’re worth it!


May you know peace.

May you know kindness.

May you be free from pain and suffering.

May you be ever loved and loving.


Respectfully, Dr. Darcy Lord

Uplifting Provocations for Stress Reduction and Self-Care

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