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I want to talk about Coherence and how it’s actually possible to “spread” that wonderful high quality state. Coherence is a scientific term that refers to when the heart, mind, emotions and body are all working in sync. It’s an actual physiological state when the major systems of the body are working together and we experience an inner state of ease, calm and composure; mental and emotional flexibility and balance; the ability to self-regulate and “take charge” of ourselves, maintaining composure (even in the midst of stressful circumstances); and we have a smooth and rhythmic heart pattern that looks like a sine wave or rolling hill. Oh yeah, and it feels really good too.

Order, balance, poise, inner calm and composure… Anyone besides me wanting to experience a little more of that right now?

There is a simple HeartMath technique that we can use to get there (and I’ll share it at the end) – but the really cool thing is some new research that shows how we can actually spread Coherence to others. Participants in a study were organized into 10 groups, with four people in each group. Each group of four was seated around a table, each wearing a heart rhythm monitor to measure heart rate and Coherence levels. Two weeks earlier, three of the four participants in each group had been taught how to shift into a Coherent state. The three people who had been taught how to get Coherent were instructed to shift in and out of Coherence at specific times. The fourth person had no knowledge of what the other three were doing.

Get this! When the three participants shifted into Coherence – the fourth person also became more Coherent even though they didn’t know what was going on! So when we get ourselves into a more balanced and composed state (or peaceful, or loving, or calm, or appreciative, etc.), we literally can help shift other people into that state as well! How awesome! Have you ever been around someone and notice you feel a bit better just from having been in there presence? Let’s all learn to be one of those people – because we can!

Here we go. It’s this easy to get Coherent.

Here is HeartMath’s Quick Coherence Technique:

1.Focus your attention in the area of the heart. Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual.

2.Make a sincere attempt to experience a regenerative feeling such as appreciation or care for someone or something in your life. (Try to re-experience the feeling you have for someone you love, a pet, a fun or positive time in your life, a special place, an accomplishment; or focus on a feeling of calm or ease.)

So your provocation this week is to get Coherent and then intend to “spread” it by purposefully being Coherent around others. I bet we’ll all find conversations this week that could use some inner composure, ease and calm.

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