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Life is Good and is Always For Us

I know I can be Pollyanna. I like that about me. I like that it feels true to the very core of my being that good is possible, positive change is possible, healing is possible, love is possible. In all situations, at all junctures, good is. I know we don’t always act on it and I know that many people are hurting. I do know that. And at the same time the possibility to experience good at any moment, on many different levels, is always present.

I think it might be true that out of all the things I like to write and talk about, all the things I try to live in my own life and to help others remember, this one may be the most important to me: the fact that Life is good and is always for us. Always. Even when it feels not true or possible. That is the thing that aches the most in my heart to have everyone remember. Because when we remember that, when down deep somewhere we really know that, when we trust that Life is for us and never against us, it’s so much easier to remember our own magnificence. It’s so much more possible to live our greatest version of ourselves. It’s so much more natural to come back to and live from our highest possibility. And isn’t that always the point?

Albert Einstein was brilliant by most anyone’s standards. Someone once told me that Mr. Einstein said the most important question worth asking about was if the Universe was benevolent. Was it good and kind? And his answer was, “Yes, it is.” I will always be in Albert’s camp. With a passion. I want us all to be able to feel the respite, relief and grand possibility that comes from believing—no, from knowing and feeling—at a deep level that Life or the Universal Essence or God is always and forever for us; that we are inherently good, worthy and loved; that we are guided every day all day toward living a beautiful life, toward creating a world that works for everyone.

I think we would behave differently if we really believed at the core of our beings that Life cared about us and wanted our highest and best. We would breathe easier and sleep easier. We would more often hear the quiet guidance that says all sorts of things like, “Let it go,” “Who cares if others don’t approve?” “Stop (or start) working now,” “Forgive yourself,” “It’s time to move on,” “Is it working for you?” “Let them off the hook,” “This job doesn’t serve you anymore,” “You are allowed to be happy,” and on and on.

If we trusted that Life was good and that it was for us we wouldn’t push so hard and keep doing things that weren’t working. And I think we would have a different perspective when things seemed to go wrong. We might simply breathe and shift our perception, or be more nurturing with ourselves, or go in a different direction, or be more compassionate with another, or understand how strong we really are.

Even if it’s a stretch here is your provocation for the week. Practice seeing yourself and your world through eyes and a heart that believe, “Life is good and is always for me.” I have found that it’s a choice more than a static belief really. Whether “good” or “bad” things happen to you (and around the world) this week, attempt to reframe your judgment about it through a lens that sees and feels compassion and love coming ever toward you and ever toward everyone else too. Pretend that you could assume that Life is good, that it is for you, that it wants everyone’s happiest and best, and that it loves and approves of you always. After a few days you may be wonderfully surprised at how easily you can breathe! Life is good and it is for us. It is for you. Always.

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