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Personal Mission Statements

I wonder what would happen if we all created a personal mission statement for our lives. And then chose to remember it throughout the day even at work or with the kids. I wonder if we would feel as frantic, stressed, worried or bored? I wonder if we would still move through the days on autopilot as so many of us often do? What would your mission statement be about?

Being the best parent you could be? Standing up for yourself and what you know to be good, true and “right,” even when others stand against you? Living each day loving people unconditionally? Helping people or animals? Using your creativity, skills and talents to make the world a better place? Being at peace in every moment? Fulfilling your universal commitments? Living in spiritual oneness? Making a positive difference to people around you? Being an important role model by taking good care of yourself? Choosing kindness over being right? Deciding to always see the good and infinite possibilities in people even when they are not showing that to you? Living your highest vision?

I may not be finished with mine yet but it is definitely about living in such a way that people around me feel uplifted and empowered. It is about walking around on this planet as the highest version of me that I can. It is about helping people remember that we are good—no matter what other messages we may have heard. It is about reminding myself and everyone else that life is good and is always FOR us. And it is about choosing to see what is good, what is working and what is loving, even when lots of other people have decided that nothing good is happening.

What might happen if we all turned our attention toward what calls to us from within—toward what really matters? That is what I think a personal mission statement helps us do. It is about taking what truly matters to your heart, and putting it into a powerful statement of how you want to live, and move, and have your being. I do wonder what would happen. I think we would change the planet. I think we would heal it and ourselves in a million different, beautiful ways.

And that is your provocation for this week. Decide what is really important to you—and then write out your own personal mission statement. Here is a current working version of mine: I am committed to experiencing my own joy and divine alignment enough to help uplift the consciousness of the planet as a best-selling author and speaker continually calling people back to their own Highest Good. It feels awesome each time I focus on that. And there is a good chance you will feel wonderful simply by having worked on yours too!

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