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This Moment

What if this very moment were enough? What if it was already good enough to enjoy? What if you took the time, intention and choice to notice it fully and even enjoy it? What might happen in your life if you did that once today—or twice—or twenty or more times, until it became a habit? My habit up until this point has often been different from that. I have become aware that I am almost always focusing on getting somewhere else. So often throughout my day I am trying to finish something, only so that I am able to move on to the next thing, in order to complete it, to move on to something else, to finish it… and on and on.

But what if right now, in this mundane moment as you are reading this—with perhaps not quite enough time, and with things not yet complete, and with the world as chaotic as it is, and with home and work and relationships and your body and your finances exactly as they are—what if you felt the chair underneath you, and felt your breathing move in and out through you, and simply decided that this moment is enough, that it is good, that it is worthy of your attention?

I imagine that when I am finally lying on my deathbed, perhaps looking over my life, if I am given a chance to come back to this very moment, I might think, “With all of its weirdness, chaos or busyness, with all of its boredom or confusion, with all its drama or lack of, with all of its success or disappointment—that particular moment was very, very good.” Just because it was lived.

Your provocation this week is to consciously live as many moments as you can, remembering to notice them, be here with them, breathe with them and decide that they are enough. Because quite simply—they are.

Be loving and gentle with you this week and intend to enjoy your many moments, even the funky ones!

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